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Concentration Camps in the II nd World War

 11 October 2019
 Poona Club Ltd
 Shrikant Malegaonkar
 This Friday we have a very interesting topic "CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN 2nd WORLD WAR" Concentration camps were maintained by Nazi Germany. These were used by Hitler to hold and torture political opponents. Initially set us in 1933 to house anti-social, these camps were subsequently used to prison Jews, Romanis/Sintis, Serbs, Poles. There have also been instances of mass murder of prisoners by way of putting them in gas chambers. The speaker this week is Mr. Shrikant Malegaonkar, who has deep interest in the subject and has travelled across Europe to study these camps. He will be sharing intricate information and images about these camps meeting to be followed by dinner. NOT TO BE MISSED PROGRAM